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Hello Investors,

As summer creeps around the corner, we will be taking our usual break to enjoy the sun. Before we break for the summer I was thinking we could do a casual round table discussion at Pumphouse during regular hours (7-9pm). Please email me asap if you plan to attend so I can book an appropriate sized table.

I realize we’re a month early on taking a break and I apologize for this….I had a speaker lined up but unfortunately they have a family emergency. I also am feeling very sick, so I most likely won’t be able to make it tomorrow, but I’ll try my best to be there.

As always, feel free to bring any deals you have that you’d like to discuss / pitch to the group.

Meeting will be Tuesday, May 15th @ 7pm

Location will be as stated: Pumphouse, 5 Orange Lane.

Meetings will resume in Aug or Sept. I’ll message a few people in the group to feel out what works best.

All are welcome so feel free to bring a friend or stop by if you’ve never come before. We encourage all levels of investors and those who are simply curious about real estate investing.


Sean Power
Moncton REIO

(Sean Power is also a REALTOR with Creativ Realty)

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