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REIO Tonight

Hello investors, just a reminder that REIO is tonight.

This months meeting we have 2 representatives from the city to come do a presentation to the Moncton Real Estate Investing Organization to educate us on the proper procedures for doing a flip or any renovations.

More specifically:

  • When are permits required and when are they not
  • Common situations where people get into trouble with code issues when doing renovation.
  • When buying an old house, what items have to be brought up to code when updating anything in the house.

I’m sure you guys have a few other things you can ask them during the presentation, but don’t be shy to email me your questions in advance so that I can forward it to them to help them prepare. My main goal is to help make sure people don’t get into trouble with the city when renovating.

Meeting time: tonight, Nov 20th, 7-9pm

Location: Community room, Sobey’s on Main Street / Vaughan Harvey.

Next meeting after that will be Dec 18th, 7-9pm


Sean Power
Moncton REIO

(Sean Power is also a REALTOR with Creativ Realty)

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