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    • Moncton REIO meeting Mar 14.11 at 7pm Sobey's Comm room, Highfld Sq. Guests welcome. Speaker Bernadette Kenney, The Mortgage Centre. 9 years ago
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Code of Ethic

Moncton REIO Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics
The Moncton Real Estate Investors Organization is a Non-profit organization group of professionals, dedicated to encouraging and promoting ethical real estate investing in the Greater Moncton area.

Each member of the Organization agrees to abide by this Code of Ethics and to further the
Organization’s goals in encouraging and promoting ethical real estate investing. Each member of the Organization agrees to comply with the spirit of this Code of Ethics in its general course of conduct and in carrying out its general policies, standards, practices and procedures.

Members who break these codes and guidelines may be asked to leave the Organization immediately.
This code of ethics is designed for two key reasons:
1. to ensure the Members are investing in real estate in an ethical and legal manner
2. to ensure that others, within the group as well as outside the group, are treated ethically and with respect by Members.
The following are considered by Moncton REIO to be important elements of ethical real estate investing:

Members shall comply with all federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations as they apply to their business and the real estate investment profession. Members will not enter, nor ask another person to enter, into any agreement that is in contravention of any known law, statute or regulation. This includes providing inaccurate information or omission of information.

Members shall co-operate to extend the effectiveness of the Moncton Real Estate Investors Organization by interchanging information and experience, and encourage research on materials and techniques in order to improve the success of our members in investing in real estate.

Members shall uphold the professional image and reputation of the Organization, avoiding all conduct or practice likely to discredit or do injury to the real estate investment profession. Members shall avoid conflicts of interest and shall carry on work in a manner that will enhance the image of their profession and the Moncton Real Estate Investors Organization.

Members will treat other members with professional respect, fairly and equitable manner, maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and shall not engage in defamation of another member’s professional capabilities.

Members will enter all agreements with the full intention of living by the terms of the agreement. Honoring one’s commitments is a matter of integrity and honesty.

Members will operate in compliance of all federal and provincial privacy laws. In addition, members will respect the confidentiality of information whenever one has made an explicit promise to honor confidentiality or, implicitly, when private information not directly related to the performance of one’s duties becomes available.

Members will always take responsibility for their own actions and therefore complete due diligence on all properties, parties and deal structures before entering into any contractual agreements.

Members have a fundamental responsibility to safeguard and advance the interests of the Moncton Real Estate Investors Organization. This implies acting with trustworthiness, integrity and objectivity.

Members shall honour the trust bestowed upon them by others; and will exercise care to not misrepresent Moncton REIO or positions and policies.
Compliance With The Code
As an Moncton (REIO) Real Estate Investors Organization member I will ….
Uphold and promote the principles of this Code. Not only is it important for members to adhere to the principles expressed in this Code, each member should encourage and support adherence by other members.

Treat violations of this code as inconsistent with membership in Moncton REIO. Adherence of professionals to a code of ethics is largely a voluntary matter. However, if a member does not follow this code by engaging in gross misconduct, membership in Moncton REIO may be terminated.


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